Executive Delegate Profiles

The Power Europe annual Congress (and co-located EPD and EPG Summits) is the European Electricity Industry’s leading peer-to-peer knowledge exchange forum for discussing strategic business planning issues for the following executive profiles from incumbent and independent distribution, transmission, and power generation utility companies:

- CEOs/Managing Directors/Presidents of DSOs, DNOs, TSOs, Retail & Wholesale, Power Generation Utilities.

- CFOs and Heads of Finance.

- Heads of Strategic Business Planning and Development.

- Heads of Power Assets and Generation Portfolio Management.

- Directors of Regulators Affairs.

- Senior Managing and Project Directors.

- Heads of Risk Management.

- Heads of Market & Data Analysis.

- Heads of Distribution / Transmission Networks.

- Heads of Balancing.

- Directors of Sustainable Development.

- Heads of Trading.

- Directors of Legal Divisions.

- R&D Directors.

- Directors of Retail Services.

- Directors of E-Mobility.

- Directors of Marketing & Customer Engagement.

- Directors of Digital Services


A limited number of attendance places are also available for company executives providing products and services to the European power utilities sector such as:

- Engineering Firms (conventional & renewable energy).

- Consultancies.

- Software and Systems (Infrastructure Monitoring, Control, Management & Trading).

- New Technology providers.

- Legal Counsel.

- Ratings Agencies.

- Market data providers.

- Marketing & Customer Engagement Agencies.